Emisor Oriente, Mexico City, Mexico

July 2011 PPS equipped the first of 3 Robbins EPBs for the Emisor Oriente wastewater line.

The 8.93m diameter maschines will tunnel approximately 34 km of a 69 km total to help prevent flooding the urban capital of Mexico City.

When finished, the Emisor Oriente line will operate jointly with Emisor Central. The population of Mexico City has more than doubled since the construction of Emisor Central and has caused significant strain on the current system’s capacity. Construction of Emisor Oriente is expected to be completed in 2014 and will add 150 cubic meters of water per second (5,300 cubic feet per second) to the wastewater capacity of Mexico City. Emisor Oriente is only one of a number of tunnel boring machine projects planned for the near future in Mexico City.